MPH 6300

MPH 6300
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Technical Questions

MPH 6300


Into 4 ohms @ 12.5 or 14.4 VDC

75 WRMS x 6

Into 2 ohms @ 14.4 VDC

150 WRMS x 3

Bridged into 4 ohms @ 14.4 VDC

300 WRMS x 3

Frequency Response

+/-.5dB from 20Hz to 50kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio


Input Sensitivity

200 millivolts to 2 volts

Input Impedance

>30k ohms

Input Voltage Range

10.5 volts to 15.0 volts

Typical current draw at idle

3 amps

Minimum Impedance

2 ohm bridged/1ohm stereo

Crossover Frequency

32 to 400 Hz

Crossover Slope

Selectable 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB per octave

Dimensions, MPH6300

46"L x 14.5"W x 4"H


115 Lbs.


What is the MPH6300 and does it really exist?

The MPH6300 is literally a one of a kind amplifier. In fact, there is only one ever made. This amplifier has set the standard of unsurpassed quality that Phoenix Gold amplifiers are known for. The amplifier itself is a hand built six-channel amplifier that uses only the finest audiophile components available on the earth. The switching power supplies are fully copper shielded and isolated from the audio circuits, not to mention the shields are plated with 50 microns of gold to protect from corrosion. All 24 of the 250 watt/50 amp output transistors have been "gain matched" Mil Spec T0-3 power devices. All 18 of the 250 watt/70 amp Mosfet Switchers are "gain and beta matched" Mil Spec TO-3 power devices. It also features a discrete full complementary output design. The amplifier also includes an independent 3 band parametric equalizer. This all adds up to an amplifier that weighs 115 lbs. and has a legendary reputation.


Can I buy a MPH6300 and how much would it cost?

The MPH6300 is not for sale, itís a one of a kind collector's item. However, it does have a retail price of $99,000.


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