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Technical Questions


What does the LPL44 do?

It allows you to remotely control the level of bass from a dial located in the front of your vehicle when the low pass crossover is activated. Itís a remote level control.

My LPL44 got disconnected, which wires go where on the back of the LPL44?

Since the LPL44 just uses standard RJ11 phone line the reattachment is straightforward. The RJ11 line has 4 conductors, but the back of the LPL has 3 solder connections. With the solder connections towards the top of the back of the LPL44. The connections are as follows: Left is Black, Center is Red AND Green, and the Right is Yellow. If you swap the left (Black) and right (Yellow) connections the LPL44 will just work in the opposite direction. Keep in mind the LPL44 will only work when the low pass crossover is activated.

How do I make my own crossover R-Nets for the frequency I want?

Divide 18,800 by the crossover frequency you need. The answer is the resistor value you need in kohms. Don't forget the extra three zeros!

For example. If you want a crossover frequency of 325 Hz, you would divide 18,800 by 325.

18,150/800 = 55.8

You need seven 55.8 kohm resistors. Since you probably won't find that exact value, you'll have to get the closest thing you can find. You can calculate the crossover frequency you get by dividing 18,800 by the resistor value also.

For example. With 55.8 kohm resistors you would get a crossover frequency of 325Hz.

Use 1/8 watt, 5% tolerance or better resistors. If you can't find a blank 14-pin DIP header to put the resistors in, just insert each resistor into the socket directly. Bend the resistor's leads until they are 3/8" apart from each other and clip them off 1/8" below the body of the resistor. Then insert them side by side into the socket.


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